It’s Now or Never for the Environment!


It’s March, 2017 – WELCOME to EVERYONE

We believe that despite everything we are doing to fight Climate Change, we are losing the battle. Humanity is now in climate crisis. We are looking for “Something Else“, something that we can do, here and now; now or never. We believe a modern campaign of nonviolent action is that something and that we either take action now or we play our small part in allowing humanity to slip from the earth, extinct.

This site is intended to help facilitate a discussion and an understanding of nonviolent action as it could be applied in Hamilton, Ontario. The Think Tank that we have started, to plan a nonviolent movement in Hamilton, uses this site as a resource.

We boldly wonder if we could save the world by focusing on where we have power – in our neighbourhood. Most importantly, we wonder if it’s possible to link like-minded people from a broad cross-section of Hamilton into a nonviolent action movement. If we could do this, we could potentially produce a model that every other Town and City that wants to become active can follow.

Do agree with our basic premise: that we are in a climate emergency that must be dealt with? Do you long for an effective way to give voice to your concerns? Are you ready to get active in this? If so, you should join us. 

You can join by attending a meeting or by sending a message through the Contact Page on this site. We will set you up in our Slack discussion group and bring you up to date. Anyone can be a member, whether you can attend regular Think Tank meetings or not, you can still fully contribute what you have to offer.

We will need a wide diversity of people if we are to build a nonviolent action movement in Hamilton. Whatever your skills or experience, we need you, not to do something different but to contribute from your core strengths to the combined strength of our actions. Politicos, Climate, Social Justice, Peace, Black Lives Matter and Indigenous activists; artists, writers, singers, theatre people, social media experts,  videographers, photographers, web mavens, . . . we need you all and we have room for everyone.

Please help to spread the word of our Think Tank. Also, please take a good look around this site and direct your friends to it –