Lively Second Meeting

Unfortunately, the weather was working against us on Sunday, with steady freezing or near freezing rain. I almost went down on my bike twice just getting through the parking lot to the street. Once there it was much better with salted roads. This was not conducive to getting people out unfortunately so we had only 4 people present. This included one new member, Dave “Chewie” Cherkewski.

There were only 4 people present, Dave U, Chewie, an anarchist who preferred to remain unnamed and me. David Bennett did express his regrets.

So, once again we didn’t have a ‘meeting’ as much as discussion on how to move forward. The first thing discussed was how to expand our membership. One idea is getting the word out more effectively through face to face contact with people. One way to do that is to go out to community meetings, give a brief blurb, and ask for people to join us. This outreach will include opportunities to speak as deputants at City Hall.

It was decided that we would create a #communitymeetings Discussion Channel in Slack. We will use this Channel to come up with a list of speaking opportunities at Community Group Meetings, etc and agree on who will attend which of these meetings to spread the work about the Think Tank.

We spent a bit of time discussing Think Tank structure and this will be discussed again at our next meeting. As background, I did post my thoughts about structure on both the website and in Slack. We’re thinking that it makes sense to refine the Cell list and then look for specific skill sets to plug into each Cell and, in turn,  the Think Tank.

We brainstormed for a hook to hang a campaign on with the City. I had been suggesting we follow Bill McKibben’s lead, declare War on Climate Change and then pressure the City to do the same in a campaign to turn Hamilton into a City that dedicates itself to fighting climate change. The idea of taking on “War” language is objectionable to many. What we came up with, as an alternative is, “It’s Now or Never for Climate Change” The idea is that we build a Now or Never campaign and pressure the City to declare it’s support, that’s the first step. The second step is if the City believes it’s Now or Never it must come out in total opposition to the expansion of Line 10.

I am not announcing our next meeting yet. We were thinking Sun 26 Feb but I later realized that I’m going to be in another two-day organizers training at Ryerson’s Institute for Change Leaders. Therefore I can’t be present on 26 Feb. Please let me know your thoughts on this, if people are good to meet on 25 Feb, the meeting will go ahead.

I could make any day in the following week except Fri 3 Mar.

These are my comments on the meeting, Dave or Chewie may also post theirs.


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