The Tower Confirmed for Next Meeting Location


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The Tower – Inspired by the Tarot Card


Nonviolence Think Tank 3rd Meeting
The Tower 281 Cannon Street East
Tuesday 28 February 2017 – 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm 
This gives us 9 days to talk this up and promote it through our social media contacts to get more people out to join us.
I will circulate a discussion list but I probably won’t get it out until the day before the meeting because I’ll be at the Ryerson training both days on the 25/26 Feb weekend.
It would be great if each member would reply to their Slack Invitation or just go to the website:, when you provide your email address it will direct you to any group you have been invited to join. Once you join Slack you need to also ‘join’ each discussion to start getting those discussion feeds; this needs to be done only once for each new discussion as they are created.
Slack is an effortless way for us to track and keep separate our various discussions. Moving to this platform will become increasingly useful and important as we build our membership because new members will have it to use in coming ‘up to speed’ with the Think Tank. In addition and probably most notably, you can tune in and out of the discussions of interest to you and not get barraged by everything else that is not of interest. As we build out, this will become crucial for effective communication.
If you know of anyone who wants to join us they can email me directly, they don’t have to attend a meeting. I can set them up in our email and Slack groups. Add them to our Doodle polls etc.
Please take a look at our website home page because  I have substantially rewritten it based on the consensual discussions at our first two meetings. Everything, of course, is open to discussion but it would be good to get a consensus on how the site represents us to the public.
Is Tuesday evening a good day for us to settle on? Should we meet every two weeks on Tuesday evenings? Based on the last Doodle poll Tuesday seems consistently most available. This makes it easier for us to build members by having a regular schedule and I think it realistic to believe that some will drop in and out of attendance depending on what’s happening at any given time. The hope is that everyone can stay involved between attendance using the Slack discussion site.
The first order of business at this meeting I believe is to discuss and formalize a structure to build around. I have previously circulated a “Structure” Document as a blog post on the web and Slack sites.
If we move forward with a structure anything like I have proposed, we need a Coordinator and a Reporter for each meeting. To this date, given our low preliminary attendance, we have not been this formal. The Coordinator essentially runs the meeting and the Reporter notes what gets discussed and decided in note form, not intended to serve as minutes, to be posted on the Slack and web sites.

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