3rd Think Meeting Tue 28 Feb/17: The Tower 7 – 9 pm

Our next Think Tank Meeting is tomorrow evening Tue 28 Feb/17 at The Tower, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm.
Anyone is welcome to attend,  in fact it would be great if you could bring other potential members to the meeting with you.
Please note, in order to encourage attendance I am making a commitment to you to start these meetings on time. We will allow 5 minutes for people get in and get settled and we will start precisely at 7:05 with those present. This is part of our agreement to respect each other in our work.
In terms of an Agenda I propose this:
  1. 5 min: Appoint a Meeting Timer and a Reporter
  2. 15 min: Quickly review what was discussed/agreed at our two past meetings.
  3. 15 min: Agree on
    1.  A basic structure so that we have something to start building on
    2. Leadership
      • Please look at the Structure note, it deals with both of the first two items
  4. 15 min: Possibility of Holding a 2 day Institute for Change Leaders training in Hamilton for 30 – 50 organizers
  5. 60 min: Discuss how to grow our membership to fully animate the Think Tank
    1. 10 min: Membership – needs to be more of a commitment than just showing up
      1. This can be the first hard step in attracting new volunteers
        1. A membership fee can actually help attract and build commitment
          1. Used as a tool of growth
          2. Would provide basic funds to buy books, etc.
    2. 20 min Specific organizational goals
      1. How many members do we need?
      2. By when
      3. How are we going to find them
    3. 15 min Who should we approach
      1. How?
    4. 15 min Specific Commitments
  6. 5 Min: Next Meeting Date
We have discussed a cellular organizational structure. In ‘Ganz’ parlance it is referred to as a ‘Snowflake’ structure which seems to be more neutral language. If ‘Cells’ are known to people, many know them in reference to violent terror group organizations; so it’s probably best to adopt the snowflake semantic. Also the snowflake model is a slight embellishment of the cellular idea in that it attempts to add  another dimension – the layout itself to some extent shows the level of commitment; with less committed on the edges and more committed in the centre of the flat structure.
My head is reeling after 4 days of training over two of the last three weekends!  It was the Canroots 2017 Organizers Gathering at the Toronto Reference Library on the 10th and 11th and this past weekend at Ryerson University I was taking the Institute for Change Leaders training, subtitled Story Telling for Social Change.
I have enclosed the workbook from this past weekend’s training.  This is a condensed version of the training provided by Marshall Ganz at the Kennedy School at Harvard each Spring.  It is offered with Dr. Ganz full cooperation and guidance. Thus far the Ryerson ICL has provided this training for over 1,250 people. They are very interested in working with us to provide this full training in Hamilton. There is also a possibility to train some trainers so that we could incorporate this training into our Movement. It is advisable in starting a Movement to incorporate leadership training as a fundamental. this helps to build an organization that is volunteer centred and seeks to provide positive outcomes for its volunteers. One of these positive outcomes is training. With training built into our structure, we will always have something positive to provide our volunteers and it gives us an increasing level of resilience as we grow, which any volunteer organization needs.

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