Next Think Tank Meeting

Our next meeting will be:

Tue 4 Apr/17

7 pm – 9 pm

Hamilton Central Library, 4th Floor meeting area

Everyone Welcome!


Notes from 3rd Meeting 28 Feb/17 – The Tower – 7 – 9 pm

Attended by Dave Urquhart, Dave (Chewie) Cherkewski, David Bennett and me. Due to low attendance, we once again had discussions that touched on the agenda topics and more but we really didn’t make any decisions. We did not use a Time Keeper or Reporter. These notes are my recollections, others in attendance may want to add theirs.

We did quickly go over past agreements, discussed our structure and generally agreed that the cellular organizational model will work best. We are going to try to find people to start plugging into that model. I put out a piece on Structure a while ago, we went over it very quickly at the meeting. I have done a ‘mind map’ type of visualization of the sort of cell structure I’m proposing, better organized visually into sensible branches with sub-branches. I’ll send copies of it separately.

We talked a little about the recent Institute for Change Leaders and CanRoots 2017 training in Toronto and some immediately obvious results. Like nothing gets started without a leader. So I agreed for the moment to be the leader of the Think Tank but I will be happy to relinquish that honour to anyone willing to take it over. We talked briefly about how advantageous it would be to have the 2 Day Organizer training in Hamilton that should become a priority once we have the 30 – 50 people it would need to fill it.

We talked about using our personal narratives to try to bring another person or two with us to the next meeting, to start effectively growing the TT. We also decided to try holding meetings on regular nights, twice per month on the first and third Tuesdays. Tuesday has been the most popular night in our Doodle Polls. This we hope will make it easier for people to commit to attending. We need to meet twice per month at least initially to try to breathe life into this project.

It was decided our next meeting will be Tuesday 21 Mar and thereafter we will meet on the first and third Tuesday of the month. I will need to confirm our location and announce that later.

I committed to bringing two new members to our next meeting and speaking to at least 2 groups about our TT, groups that we never usually talk to, looking for new members, looking for people who know we’re in a climate crisis and need to act urgently.

I continue to learn more about Slack (like just now discovering my post was too long and needed to be cut in two) and I see it’s utility in community organizing where it is VERY popular. I have now figured out how to set up each discussion (or ‘channel’ in Slack speak) so that you are joined to it automatically rather than having to join it. In future, if you find yourself getting information you do not need, you can remove yourself from the relevant discussion.

One thing I cannot do for you is join you to Slack. That you must do. This will take a bit of work but it is well worth getting to know Slack. It can replace email and do some pretty amazing things in terms of group communication/conversation. It can handle text, audio and video meetings and will automatically keep track of each of our discussions. There are tons of learning options available, lots on the Slack website and lots on YouTube in video format.

It is possible to hook other applications into Slack (called Integrations) and I have done so with things like Polly which integrates polling right into Slack, obviating the need for Double, Mail Clark for email integration, so you can access and send email from within Slack, ToDo Bot for keeping track of To Do commitments, ‘Must-Read’ so that important information pops up without you having to look for it. I have also set up Dropbox, Google Drive and Google+ Hangouts integrations so all of these resources can now also be handled from within our Slack group. This is all great, it enhances communication possibilities tremendously so we can do a lot more and its Totally FREE for unlimited users. So this is well worth checking out but in order for to work, you need to join.

I will send another invitation to each of you who has not yet joined so it’s dead easy for you to click within that to join the group automatically. Anyone who joins is in future will receive an invitation to our group where they will be able to get up to speed with us quickly.

At the moment I’m communicating with you via email, the website blog and Slack.